Our Fees

pre school kids at nursery in Birmingham

At Prime Time Day Nursery, we are open through out the year, excluding Bank Holidays and one week at Christmas, All our nursery fee's are over 51 weeks of the years, and divided by 12 months, to give the same figure regardless if it is a four or a five week month.

All Nursery fee's are required one month in advance. All nursery fees can be paid via baccs payment into the bank or cash into the provision.

If you wish to secure a nursery place for your child in the provision a  desposit of £100.00 per child is required, this is non fundable, and will be deducted off your last months nursery fee's when your come comes to leave us.

You child will be in loving safe hands and we are sure you will notice the difference between ourselves and nurseries in the area.

Our Nursery fee's cover all nappies, wipes and formula milk for under 12 months old and cows milk for over 12 months of age, five meals during a full day and all fluids.

Daily rate -

  No of days Weekly Monthly  
Full Time 5 days £171.76 £729.00  
Part Time 4 days £144.00 £612.00  
Part Time 3 days £108.00 £459.00  
Part Time 2 days £72.00 £306.00  
Part Time 1 day £36.00 £153.00  

Our nursery provision caters for children aged three years and over to recieve the Free educational Funding, up to 15 hours over the minimum of three days. The provision wll naturally apply for this funding if your child is registered to our provision. The funding starts the first academic term following your child's third birthday. If you would like to know any further information on this, please do contact the provision, and we will be more than happy to help

Holiday's & Illness

Due to our provision being open 51 weeks of the year, we regret to inform you, that full nursery fee's are still payable if you are away on holiday, or if your child fall's ill.


We require one full calendar months notice if you wish to with draw from Prime Time Day Nursery

Late collections

A fee of £1.00 per minute, will be applied to all children, if they are not collected at the time stated in their contract. We regret we have to have a late charge, but this is for insurance purposes.