Our Team At Prime Time Day Nursery

Below are a few of the most important members of our team


Natalie Poole

Natalie opened Prime Time Day Nursery 01st September 2007, holding all relevent childchild qualifications including her Assessors awards.

Natalie's qualifications are - NVQ L2, NNEB, D32, D33, 7302, Business Admin L3

Tracy Phillips 

Tracy has been working at the provision since Sepetember 2007, initally working in baby room. Tracy is now our most experienced staff member and now manages the provision on a day to day basis, taking our provision from strength to strength.

Tracy's qualifications are - NNEB, A1 assessor award, Play work L3, Business Admin L2


Tina is the guiding light in our toddler section. She has been with Prime Time for  4 years and never stops coming up with great ideas on how to make the nursery even better.  Julie has completed her NVQ 3 Childcare qualification.

Louise Black

Louise is our head of pre-school.  She is a very experienced teacher and is loved by parents and staff, but most of all, our children.  They all love "Miss Louise" as she manages to create amazing, trusting, special relationships with all our children.