Prime Time Nursery Toddler Room


The Birmingham Nursery toddler room is designed for children from approximately 18 months to 2 years, until they are around 3.  This is an exciting time in the development of your child and it’s when the fun really begins.  A child has so many questions at this age and we aim to provide answers through experimental learning, play and interaction.


As our children become more aware of the world around them we use their interest and show them things that fill them with wonder.

Experimental and sensorial play (or messy play as we often call it) becomes fun and makes a huge impact on their impressionable minds.  We love watching their faces as they plunge their hands into water at different temperatures, or mix heavy stones with fine sand or poor different coloured water onto fabric and crush eggshells.


We vary the main activities each day to provide variety, such as:

  • Sticking - lots of brightly coloured paper and kid-safe glue,
  • Painting - every child's favourite (and ours too !) We never cease to be amazed at the wonderful creations they make and the fun in their eyes as the paint goes (almost) where they hoped ! 
  • Sensory play (rice / flour / sand - this helps our children to understand how different things feel and move,
  • Water play -  we have objects that float and sink and squirt and swim !
  • Music time - sing-a-long with nursery rimes and rattles,
  • Story time -  short stories with fun and acting.

Social skills

A big emphasis for us at this age is teaching them how we all interact together and how to appreciate others.  We focus on social skills and enabling them to express themselves.  Teaching a child how to be patient, how to share and to take turns is often not easy, but these are lessons that can


We will supply disposable nappies and wipes at no extra charge.  However, we ask that you please bring a spare set of clothes in a named bag each day. A big nappy change can sometimes need a new set of clothes and occasionally playtimes can get messy too.